ARA8708T1 1/8 KRATON 6S BLX 4X4 EXtreme Bash Speed Monster Truck RTR, Black

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Key improvements:

  • Tough, great-looking EXtreme Bash red-anodized aluminum front and rear bulkheads
  • Plush oil-filled shocks to soak up the terrain
  • Redesigned servo saver for a direct steering feel
  • Upgraded one-piece wing mount
  • Durable V2 anodized aluminum chassis braces for easier maintenance


Additional proven features:

  • EXtreme Bash 7075 T6 aluminum laser-etched chassis plate
  • EXtreme Bash 7075 T6 anodized aluminum front and rear shock towers
  • EXtreme Bash emulsion shock caps and M4 shock standoffs
  • EXtreme Bash heavy-duty front and rear arms
  • EXtreme Bash heavy-duty aluminum plates and hangers
  • EXtreme Bash heavy-duty turnbuckles
  • EXtreme Bash front bumper and skid plate
  • Split tower-to-tower center braces
  • All-metal gearbox internals
  • Stronger front and rear diff outdrives
  • Heavy-duty drivetrain
  • Durable steel driveshafts throughout
  • Strong composite chassis side guards
  • Multi split-spoke wheels
  • Multi-terrain dBoots® COPPERHEAD 2 tires
  • Durable wheel hubs
  • Black matte and gloss effect body
  • Spektrum™ Firma™ 150A Smart V2 waterproof ESC with IC5® connectors (EC5™ compatible)
  • Spektrum Firma 4074 2050Kv brushless motor with ARRMA heatsink and cooling fan
  • Spektrum S665 waterproof digital steering servo
  • Spektrum 2.4GHz DX3™ Smart DSMR® transmitter and SR6200A receiver
  • High downforce wing
  • Center body support



One look at the 1/8 scale ARRMA KRATON 6S EXB Speed Monster Truck says all you need to know. With its huge tires, wide stance, and imposing body with ominous black and red trim, this massive machine sends a clear message to all other bashers. Get out of the way, or prepare to get blasted!

Loaded with improvements — including updated oil-filled shocks, toughened V2 anodized aluminum chassis braces, and EXB aluminum option parts for fierce style and unstoppable strength — the ARRMA KRATON 6S EXB is ready for EXtreme Bashing in a very big way. The value, too, is even bigger than before.

From the 7075 T6 aluminum laser-etched chassis plate to the red-anodized aluminum front and rear bulkheads, EXB-hardened parts give the ready-to-run ARRMA KRATON 6S EXtreme Bash Speed Monster Truck exceptional toughness and intimidating style. Everything in its durable design contributes to confident control and responsive handling over dirt, asphalt, and grass — all terrain and all conditions. All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals, plus durable steel driveshafts, provide a reliable, heavy-duty drivetrain that holds up to high-speed bashing.

Updated Spektrum radio and brushless power systems make it faster and more fearless. The efficient Spektrum Firma 2050Kv brushless motor is paired with an IC5 connector-equipped Spektrum Firma 150A Smart V2 ESC that delivers more punch and a better driving feel. Install the supplied, optional speed pinion, and the ARRMA KRATON 6S EXB can reach incredible 65+ mph speeds. To help you steer all that power where you want to go, ARRMA now includes a muscular Spektrum S665 steel gear servo — with 11% more torque than its predecessor — and an improved servo saver for a more direct steering feel.

Beefy dBoots COPPERHEAD 2 big block tires on multi-spoke wheels with durable hubs add unrelenting traction. The improved, plush oil-filled shocks soak up the bumps. Topping it all off is an incredibly detailed monster truck body with an aggressive EXB color scheme and a high-downforce wing on a redesigned wing mount for maximum security.

The RTR package comes with a Spektrum DX3 Smart transmitter and SR6200A AVC® (Active Vehicle Control®) receiver that together let you take advantage of the Smart electronics' telemetry capabilities right out of the box. The ARRMA KRATON 6S EXtreme Bash Speed Monster Truck is more than a massive and powerful bashing machine. With its updates and improvements, this is one of the biggest and best ARRMA ready-to-run basher values to date!


EXB (EXtreme Bash) Components
EXB (EXtreme Bash) Components

Many EXB-hardened components throughout its fully assembled chassis give the 1/8 scale ARRMA KRATON 6S BLX EXtreme Bash Speed Monster Truck RTR virtually unstoppable strength.


Redesigned Servo Saver
Redesigned Servo Saver

The KRATON 6S BLX Speed Monster Truck includes a redesigned sliding servo saver that reduces play and has greater activation torque, resulting in precise control and superb driving feedback.


Oil-Filled Shocks
Oil-Filled Shocks

The plush, oil-filled shocks easily soak up bumps. They're mounted on EXtreme Bash 7075 T6 anodized aluminum front and rear shock towers and feature EXtreme Bash shock caps and M4 shock standoffs.


High-Traction dBoots Tires
High-Traction dBoots Tires

Beefy dBoots COPPERHEAD 2 big block tires on multi-spoke wheels with durable hubs deliver all-terrain traction — and add an aggressive edge to the looks of the detailed scale truck body.


Multi-Structured Center Brace System
Multi-Structured Center Brace System

Made of rugged anodized 7075 T6 aluminum, the laser-etched 3mm chassis plate includes strong composite chassis side pods and a center body support and brace for maximum durability.


Durable Metal Construction
Durable Metal Construction

Durable steel driveshafts plus all-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals keep the heavy-duty 4-wheel drivetrain rolling over punishing tracks. An EXtreme Bash toughened suspension system smooths the ride.


Spektrum Brushless Power System
Spektrum Brushless Power System

The brushless power system consists of an efficient Spektrum Firma 2050Kv brushless motor matched to an updated Spektrum Firma 150A Smart V2 waterproof ESC with IC5 connectors (also compatible with EC5 connectors). In addition to offering Smart telemetry capabilities, the ESC has a new look, more punch, and improved driving feel.


Smart Technology
Smart Technology

The included Spektrum DX3 Smart transmitter and SR6200A AVC (Active Vehicle Control) receiver let you take full advantage of the electronics' Smart telemetry capabilities. Download the free Spektrum Dashboard App to your mobile device and follow motor RPM, ESC temperature, receiver voltage, drive pack voltage and more data in real-time. Dial-in extra stability with the radio's AVC system to carve corners and nail jumps without letting up on the throttle.


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Product Specifications

Power Type Electric
Gear Pitch MOD 1
Servos Included
Motor Type Brushless
Speed Control Included
Wheelbase 14.84" (377 mm)
Power System 6S
Product Width 18.15" (461 mm)
Radio Included
Charger Sold Separately
Differential 3 Gear Diffs
Receiver Included
Shock Type Aluminum, Oil-Filled, Coil-Over Springs
Product Weight 12.24 lb (5.55 kg)
Tire Tread dBoots® COPPERHEAD™ 2
Vehicle Type Monster Truck, EXtreme Bash
Water-Resistant Yes
Ball Bearings Rubber-shielded bearings
Chassis 3mm Plate, 7075-T6 Aluminum
Completion Level Ready-To-Run
Drivetrain 4WD
Drive Type Forward/Brake/Reverse
Product Height 7.68" (195 mm)
Wheel Hex Size 17mm
Scale 1/8
Battery Sold Separately
Connector Type IC5
Motor Size 4074 -2050Kv
Product Length 23.58" (599 mm)
Spur Gear 50T
Suspension Independent
Body Painted, decalled
Brakes Integral with ESC
Pinion 13T


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