RC4ZRTR0045 Trail Finder 3 RTR w/Mojave II Body Set

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Experience one of the most realistic scale trucks on the market, The RC4WD Trail Finder 3 RTR W/ Mojave II Hard Body Set. This model delivers authentic aesthetics and
scale supremacy with our first ever steel, c-channel chassis rails on an RC Truck. These stamped steel chassis rails are strong and designed to accurately imitate a full-size truck frame! Featuring aluminum structural crossmembers and a black nylon center skid plate, this chassis comes built with an emphasis on durability. Discover the balanced driving experience on this model with its low center of gravity and tapered front to back chassis. Realistic, durable, and stable, this RC truck is sure to provide
true trailing adventures!
The Trail Finder 3 RTR W/ Mojave II Hard Body Set comes with a glossy white, plastic-injection molded body. Under the body, there's an array of cosmetic engine details. The modular engine that houses the motor comes equipped with a bundle of molded engine parts. These molded parts include a water pump, valve cover, cylinder head, and even a removable oil cap! The engine housing features 3 different motor mounting positions, allowing for the installation of 3 different pinion gears: 11T, 12T, and 13T. Top it all off with a molded 22R engine code label adjacent to an RC4WD
logo for added authenticity.

The 2-speed transmission replicates the function of a true transmission, with the gearbox possessing a lower gear for greater torque and a higher gear for more speed. Hardened steel gears and stable shifting parts securely transmit power from the transmission to the driveline. This results in complete control when tackling obstacles and steep climbs. Near the axles, u-bolts attach the leaf springs, recreating the setup of a real truck.

Don't miss out! Get your own Trail Finder 3 RTR W/ Mojave II Body and experience the exclusive chassis, engine, 2-speed transmission, and suspension now!
Mojave II Body in Gloss White
Realistic Steel C-channel Chassis
22R Scale Engine
W56 2-Speed Transmission With Transfer Case
Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axles
Twister High Torque Metal Gear Digital Servo
RC4WD Ultimate Scale Shocks
Marlin Crawler Side Plastic Sliders
RC4WD Marlin Crawler Front Plastic Tube Bumper
RC4WD Marlin Crawler Rear Plastic Tube Bumper
OEM 6-Lug Stamped Steel 1.55" Beadlock Wheels (White)
Compass M/T 1.55" Scale Tires
540 Crawler Brushed Motor 45T
Outcry III Waterproof ESC
6-Cell 3000mAh NIMH Battery Pack
NIMH Peak Battery Charger
XR3 3-Channel 2.4Ghz Transmitter/Receiver Radio
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