AR724303 Set Screw 3x3mm (10)

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These high-quality Set Screws are the perfect part for your RC tool box.


Super-tough steel for long-lasting durability - Precision manufactured threads for fast and easy fitting


10 x Set Screws M3x3mm per pack


Part Type: Chassis Parts

Replacement Part

For Felony 6S as well: ARA7617V2 T1/T2

For Kraton 8S as well: ARA110002T1/T2

For Outcast 8S as well: ARA5810

For Outcast 8S Roller as well: ARA5210

For Kraton 8S Roller EXB as well:ARA5208

For Limitless Roller as well: ARA109011

For Granite Boost as well: ARA4102V4

For Senton Boost as well: ARA4105V4

For Vorteks Boost as well: ARA4103V4

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