ARA310985 Diff Gear Set for 29mm Diff Case

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This Diff Gear Set provides ideal replacement parts for your ARRMA vehicle


Durable steel gears to withstand extreme RC action - Precision manufactured gear teeth for accurate gear mesh and consistent performance in all conditions - Strong steel cross shafts for long-lasting durability and efficient running at high speeds - To be used in 29mm diff cases - Can be used in limited slip and open diff builds


4 x 10T Satellite Gears

2 x 20T Planetary Gears

2 x Metal Cross Shafts


To be used with 29mm diff case differentials


Part Type: Gears

Optional Part

Replacement Part for Outcast EXB (ARA8710), TALION EXB (ARA8707), Outcast 8S Roller (ARA5210) and Kraton 6S Roller EXB (ARA106053)

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