ARA311116 Rear Brake Module Part Set, Metal

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This Rear Brake Module Metal Parts Set provides the ideal replacement parts for your #ARA311114


  • Manufactured from a variety of steel materials
  • Precision manufactured threads for ease of maintenance
  • Springs constructed from high-quality spring material for consistent performance
  • Spare part for #ARA311114


2 x Brake Pad Spring

1 x Brake Rod

2 x Flanged Tube

1 x Linkage Spring

1 x M2 Nyloc Nut

1 x Cam

1 x Cam Shaft

1 x Leaver Arm

2 x M2x10mm Cap Head Screw

5 x M3x10mm Button Head Screw

2 x M3x18.5mm Step Screw

1 x 2.2x5.0x0.3mm Washer


Spare part for #ARA311114


Material: Metal
Part Type: Chassis Parts

Replacement Part

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