ARA330739 Shock Piston Set: 1.4mm (8), 1.5mm (8), Blank (4)

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This high quality Shock Piston Set provides a range of shock tuning options for your ARRMA vehicle


Tough and durable composite material for long-lasting performance and consistent shock action in all conditions - Precision manufactured to ensure smooth and consistent shock performance - Three different tuning options provided - Four of each different specification piston provided giving you multiple tuning options - Hole diameter markings on the face of the pistons provide simple identification


8 hole pistons with 1.4mm diameter holes

8 hold pistons with 1.5mm diameter holes

Blank pistons with 8 drill guide dimples


4 x Shock Piston (8 x 1.4mm)

4 x Shock Piston (8 x 1.5mm)

4 x Shock Piston (Blank with 8 drill guide dimples)

Optional Part

Replacement Part for Outcast 8S Roller (ARA5210) and Kraton 8S Roller EXB (ARA5208)


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