Autel Robotics - Battery Charger - Black

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  • CHARGING UP TO 4 BATTERIES: Autel Robotics EVO 2 Battery Charging Hub acquires real-time electric current data and can charge up to 4 batteries. All while optimizing the charge and redistributing the load for each battery. For any questions or issues, please contact [email protected] directly.
  • PARALLEL & SEQUENTIAL CHARGING MODE: EVO II Multi Battery Charger comes with parallel & sequential charging mode. At parallel charging mode, the charger starts from the lowest battery and charges the batteries to the same lavel, then charge the batteries simultaneously. At sequential charging mode, the charger charges the batterys one by one to fully charged from the highest level to the lowest.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH EVO II SERIES BATTERIES:EVO 2 Multi-Battery Charging Hub is compatible with Autel EVO II Series batteries, including batteries for EVO II(8K), EVO II Pro(6K) and EVO II Dual(8K+ IR).
  • RING LIGHT INDICATOR:EVO II battery multi charger comes with ring light indicator that shows charging status and identifies errors.
  • SAFE, FAST AND SMART CHARGING:The EVO II series charging hub constantly monitors the battery levels and redistributing loads among the batteries for safe and smart charging experience. Fully charge the 4 batteries takes about 6.5 hours.
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