EFLU7350 UMX P-51D Mustang “Detroit Miss” BNF Basic w/ AS3X & SAFE

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On October 7th, 1944, Urban L. Drew – also known as “Ben” Drew – became one of only three USAAF pilots to encounter the then-new Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter during a combat mission over enemy territory. He then became the first and only Allied pilot to shoot down two of the jet-powered aircraft while flying his personal P-51D Mustang named “Detroit Miss.” The E-flite® UMX™ P-51D Mustang is a replica of that history-making aircraft, complete with a variety of scale details, impressive handling, and outstanding performance. Exclusive Spektrum™ AS3X® and optional-use SAFE® Select technologies, along with the 2S and 3S compatible power system, deliver an unmatched ultra-micro Mustang flying experience.


  • More powerful 2S and 3S-compatible ESC and motor with 4-blade prop
  • Works with the Spektrum™ DXS transmitter included with many RTF models
  • Real-time battery voltage telemetry with compatible Spektrum transmitters
  • Spektrum receiver with industry-leading 2.4GHz DSMX® technology
  • The unmatched stability and locked-in feel of exclusive AS3X® technology
  • Optional-use fixed landing gear with steerable tailwheel
  • Easier to fly with optional-use SAFE® Select flight envelope protection
  • Factory-finished with the unique and historic “Detroit Miss” trim scheme
  • Completely factory-assembled and ready to fly right out of the box
  • Optional-use fixed landing gear with steerable tailwheel
  • 4-channel control for full aerobatic capability
  • No FAA registration or Remote ID required (under the 250-gram weight limit)


The P-51D Mustang is world-renowned as quite possibly the most iconic fighter aircraft of all time! Its unique design resulted in it delivering some of the best performance among all fighter aircraft flown in WWII. “Detroit Miss” is a history-making P-51D Mustang that was flown by Urban “Ben” Drew, and in 1944 he became the first USAAF pilot to shoot down two jet-powered Messerschmitt Me 262 fighter aircraft with it. The E-flite UMX P-51D Mustang is an ultra-micro sized model of the famous aircraft that’s a warbird version of the popular UMX P-51D Voodoo racer. It’s equipped with expertly-tuned AS3X and optional-use SAFE Select technologies, is 2S and 3S battery compatible, and provides real-time battery voltage telemetry to compatible transmitters. Because of its ultra-micro size, the UMX P-51 can be flown in more places and smaller spaces including many yards, parks, and sports fields! The fixed landing gear with a steerable tailwheel makes it easy to taxi, takeoff from, and land on smooth surfaces, or you can leave the landing gear off for more speed and vertical performance with easy hand launches over and landings on grass. It’s the most affordable, convenient, and easiest-to-fly replica of a P-51D Mustang yet!

Exclusive Technologies
Exclusive Technologies
This UMX™ P-51D Mustang features exclusive Spektrum™ AS3X® and SAFE® Select technologies. AS3X works behind the scenes to smooth out the effects of wind and turbulence to deliver a locked-in feel that makes it seem like you're flying a much larger airplane. Optional-use SAFE Select offers pitch and bank angle limits along with automatic self-leveling that can be turned on and off at the flip of a switch to make this the easiest to fly P-51 warbird yet!
Telemetry Capable
Telemetry Capable
The UMX P-51D Mustang is equipped with a control unit/flight controller that includes an ESC and Spektrum receiver that provides real-time flight battery voltage telemetry to compatible Spektrum AirWare equipped transmitters (including the DX6e and 8e, DX6 G2/G3 and 8 G2, the DX9, NX6 to 20, the iX12 to 20, and others) while you fly.
Fully Assembled
Fully Assembled
The UMX P-51D Mustang arrives 100% factory-assembled and ready to fly right out of the box! It’s equipped with industry-leading Spektrum 2.4GHz technology that binds to your 5+ channel DSMX/DSM2 equipped transmitter so you can be flying within minutes of opening the box.
High Performance
High Performance
The factory-installed brushless power system features a 2S and 3S-compatible outrunner motor. This power system setup delivers similar performance to the original when flown with 2S 280–300mAh batteries (a suitable JST-RCY to JST-PH adapter, including SPMXCA327, may be required), or it’s one of the fastest UMX models ever and has unlimited vertical performance when it’s flown with 3S 300mAh batteries!
Gear Options
Gear Options
You can use the included fixed landing gear – with a steerable tailwheel mounted in the scale location – to taxi, take off from and land on smooth surfaces. Or you can leave the landing gear off for more speed and vertical performance when hand launching over and landing on grass.
Durable Design
Durable Design
Construction with advanced EPS material delivers a lightweight yet durable airframe that’s also easily repairable with odorless/foam-safe CA, Foam 2 Foam, epoxy, and other foam-friendly adhesives. In the unfortunate event you damage any airframe parts or components and can't repair them, a full line of replacement/spare parts is readily available.

Skill Level 2 – Some Experience Required
Skill Level 2 – Some Experience Required
Skill Level 2 aircraft, like this one, are suitable for RC pilots who already have some experience and the skills to assemble and/or set up and fly similar class models. And although this is one of the easiest-to-fly P-51 models yet, it’s not a suitable first-ever RC aircraft for new pilots or “next step after a trainer” model for low-time RC pilots. You should have the experience and skills necessary to successfully fly higher performance ultra-micro models like the various UMX Timber models, or larger models like the E-flite T-28 Trojan 1.1m, the Commander mPd 1.4m, Timber 1.5m models, or other similar class models before attempting to fly the UMX P-51D Mustang.Are you new to flying RC (Radio Controlled) aircraft? If you are, the UMX P-51D Mustang is not a suitable first-ever RC model and we recommend learning to fly with one of our purpose-built trainer aircraft, such as the HobbyZone® Apprentice STOL S 700mm. It's equipped with exclusive and innovative SAFE technology that makes it possible for almost anyone to learn to fly successfully! The Ready-To-Fly (RTF) version includes everything needed to fly and is a perfect choice if you're a new RC pilot.

SAFE technologyBind-N-Fly Completion Level Advantage

Already own a Spektrum™ transmitter? Bind-N-Fly (BNF) aircraft make getting into the air quickly and with the best control experience possible easier than ever. They come out of the box with the power system, servos and a Spektrum 2.4GHz receiver installed so all you need to do is bind the receiver to a compatible transmitter, finish any final assembly and fly!

This Bind-N-Fly Basic model is equipped with a Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX® receiver featuring AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization–3-aXis) technology that works behind the scenes to smooth out the effects of wind and turbulence so you enjoy a sense of stability and precision that makes it feel like you're flying a much larger, expertly tuned aircraft.

If this is your first model of its type, or you want an extra margin of safety while familiarizing yourself with the airplane, you can enable the optional-use SAFE® Select flight envelope protection technology built into the receiver. No programming is required.


With SAFE Select enabled, you get:

Pitch and Bank Angle Limits

  • These envelope limits keep the airplane from rolling or pitching upside down. They also prevent excessive climb or dive angles.

Automatic Self-Leveling

  • The airplane instantly returns to and holds level flight when the sticks are released and in the center position. It's also helpful for keeping the wings level during takeoffs/launches and landings.

Easy Switch Assignment—No Complex Programming Required

  • The simple procedure for assigning a transmitter switch to turn SAFE Select features on and off doesn't require any complex programming and takes just a few seconds. For UMX models like this one, SAFE Select is automatically assigned to channel 5 (Gear) so you can turn it on and off with any switch assigned to that channel (switch A by default on most Spektrum computer transmitters).

Product Specifications

Manufacturer # 660132884871
Completion Level Bind-N-Fly Basic
Product Weight Weight w/o Battery: 3.2 oz (92g) | Weight with recommended 3S 300mAh battery: 3.95 oz (112g)
Motor Type Brushless
Speed Control Included
Servos Included
Wingspan 19.4" (493 mm)
Radio Sold Separately
Technology Smart, AS3X and SAFE
Battery Sold Separately
Approximate Assembly Time No assembly required
Charger Sold Separately
Receiver Included


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