CAR20565 Outside Shoulders for High Banked Curve 2/30° - Digital 124/132 & Analog

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  • Curb for steep corners
  • For decorating the race track
  • Package contents: 6 pieces

Decorative components and protection for your slot cars
If you extend your Carrera track to include the outside curbs, you not only give the track a more authentic look, but also make sure your slot cars don't fly off the track so quickly if you've overdone the accelerator a bit. The set consists of eight parts and can be easily attached to steep corners of 2/30°. On a scale of 1:24, the outside curbs are suitable for the Carrera DIGITAL 124, DIGITAL 132 or EVOLUTION race track. If you expand your race track with the outside curbs, this not only enhances your track visually, but also provides some extra grip for your slot cars in the corner. So you can drift better around the corners and pass them all at full speed.

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