CAR20578 Curve 4/15°, 12 Pieces - Digital 124/132 & Analog

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  • Extension set – corner (4/15°) on a scale of 1:24
  • For an 8-lane extension
  • Package contents: 12 pieces = 180 degrees (1 piece = 15 degrees)

Curvaceous racing fun for your race track
With this extension set you bring further driving fun on to your race track. The set contains a total of twelve 15° corners, which – if you build them all one after the other – result in a long 180° corner. Since there are many small sections, you can be very flexible in terms of structure. Besides a big corner, you can also build chicanes or S-bends with the track parts. With supports you can also take your race track to another level. Just build the 180° corner above the rest of the track and enjoy a race on several levels. Since the angle of these corners is relatively small, these extension parts are also suitable for an 8-lane expansion. The scale of the set is 1:24.

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