CAR20585 Additional Supply 10m

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  • 10-metre-long power cable for additional power supply
  • For increased power requirements
  • Length: 10 m

When your race track needs more power
There are many different reasons for having an additional power supply. It is possible that upwards of a certain track length the power may not be sufficient to supply the whole race track. The result is that the slot cars slow down or even stop. Nobody wants that! The race track also has an increased power requirement if several lane changes are used along the route, or if several vehicles are on the same track at the same time. To prevent this, you can use this 10-metre-long cable. You can install it as a cable between the connection point and another track, in order to supply the entire race track with enough electricity. So that your race runs really smoothly and you have plenty of fun on the race track!

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