CAR20588 Shoulders 1/3 straight(4)

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  • Extension parts – curbs for 1/3 straight section on a scale of 1:24
  • In a red-white striped paint finish
  • Package contents: 4 pieces

Curbs as an optical detail for your race track
Curbs on long straight sections or on the straight sections shortly before or after a corner are not only visually attractive. Especially the big slot cars on a scale of 1:24 drift more easily and safely through the corners, if these and the track sections have been extended just before and after to include edge pieces. So the cars don't slip off the track so easily anymore. This set contains 4 edge pieces for 1/3 straight sections. With the typical red and white striped coating, the curbs can be seen from afar. The extension parts come on a scale of 1:24 and can be used accordingly for race tracks on the same scale.

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