CAR20590 Inside Shoulder Curve 1/30° - Digital 124/132 & Analog

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  • Expansion of the inside curb on a scale of 1:24
  • Inside curb for corner 1/30
  • Package contents: 6 pieces – inside curbs, 2 pieces – end sections

Anyone wanting to drift won’t be getting past this curb
Curbs on your Carrera race track not only provide a cooler look, they also allow you and your slot cars to drift breathtakingly on a scale of 1:24. Unfortunately, the relatively large cars on those race tracks on a scale of 1:24 often have the problem that they slip off the track without curbs in the corners. Thanks to the curbs, this problem can now be solved. This set contains six inside curbs for the 1/30° corners. In addition, two end sections are also included, which can be fitted to the start and end straight of the corner. As it comes on a scale of 1:24, this extension set can be used for the Carrera DIGITAL 124, Carrera DIGITAL 132 and Carrera EVOLUTION race tracks.

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