CAR20591 Inside Shoulder Curve 2/30° - Digital 124/132 & Analog

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  • Extension set – inside curb on a scale of 1:24
  • Inside curb for corner 2/30
  • Package contents: 6 pieces – inside curb, 2 pieces – end sections

Wide track for cooler drifts
One thing that should not be missing from a Carrera race track: the curbs. There are widened lane sections for both the outside and the inside. They are especially useful if you drift a lot in the corners. A wider race track means more space for the relatively large slot cars on a scale of 1:24 to let their tails sweep out in a drift. In addition, the red and white painted extensions give the race track a more visually appealing appearance. The set contains six inside curbs for the 2/30° corner. Two additional end sections are also included. The extension parts on a scale of 1:24 can be attached to race tracks of the same scale: Carrera DIGITAL 124, Carrera DIGITAL 132 and Carrera EVOLUTION.

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