CAR20601 Standard Straights (2)

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  • Extension set – standard straight sections on a scale of 1:24
  • To expand your race track
  • Package contents: 2 pieces, each 34.5 cm

Straight to the finish
With this standard straight section it is not just the home straight that you can add to your race track. These tracks can also be used as a transition between the individual corners, as a high-speed straight section after the start line or as a short straight between two chicanes. The set contains 2 tracks, each 345 mm long. They are built on a scale of 1:24 and can therefore be extended with all race tracks on the same scale. The Carrera DIGITAL 124, Carrera DIGITAL 132 and Carrera EVOLUTION race tracks can be supplemented and rebuilt at any time with extension pieces on the same scale. This means that you always have a new race track at home.

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