CAR21128 Set of figures Fans

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  • Fans as decorative elements for your Carrera race track
  • Suitable as decoration for the race track

With cries of joy as success is achieved

For a loving and authentic design on your Carrera track, you’ll be sure to do everything right with the figure set. The fans consist of 12 seated and three standing figures and breathe "almost real" life into the grandstand and your race track. The detail that goes into the coloured figures is very intricate. The modern decorative element also wins over everyone with different body parts that move and rotate. The fans come to the exciting races and provide a real racing feeling on your home Carrera race track. In combination with other decoration options such as spectators and pit babes, a unique race track is created in no time at all in your living room at home. It's a lot of fun to decorate a detailed race track and all the spectators, isn't it?

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