CAR21131 Set of figures, mechanics, Carrera Crew (Red)

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  • Mechanics figure set in Carrera design
  • Suitable as decoration for the race track

Without them, nothing runs smoothly: The mechanics
At the Pit Stop, the mechanics ensure that tyres are changed, technical problems are repaired and the car is good to go again. It goes without saying that the mechanics will also be present on the Carrera race track! The Carrera mechanic crew consists of five figures in red outfits. In addition to the detailed workmanship, the modern figures also win you over with their different, adjustable or rotatable body parts. The mechanics cut an excellent figure and perfectly complement your Carrera race track. An authentic, lovingly designed race track is guaranteed with the mechanic's figure set! This means a pit stop can take place with mechanics, like in a real race.

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