CAR30369 Carrera AppConnect

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  • App Connect – Connection between your DIGITAL race track and smartphone/tablet
  • DIGITAL 124, DIGITAL 132
  • Connect your smartphone, tablet, or PC to the Carrera Control Unit via Bluetooth
  • Package contents: Carrera App Connect

Every bit of data always available on your smartphone or tablet
With the Carrera App Connect, you have all data at a glance! Want to track your lap times in the race? How many tenths of a second are you off by on the car in front of you? How long did the race take? You can find all the information you need in real time on your smartphone thanks to AppConnect in combination with the app. Of course, drivers can also be preset and given names, meaning that all your friends have their own profile in the app. The connection is very straightforward thanks to Bluetooth. It's easy to adjust the vehicle settings
Not only is all the data clearly arranged, the settings can also be made with ease. Whether it’s the fuel tank’s capacity, the car’s braking characteristics or speed – all configurations can be changed via the app. You can also choose different race modes, whether it’s the number of laps or a set time – here you will find a number of different options.

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