CAR61616 Track Junction

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  • Extension part – intersection on a scale of 1:43
  • DIGITAL 143, GO!!! Plus, GO!!!
  • For more action on the race track
  • Package contents: 1 piece

Cross the path of your opponents
In the Carrera world there are numerous possibilities to build a race track. This lane switch also offers you a variety of other combinations. That is because the tracks can now cross paths. Once connected by this track section on a scale of 1:43, opponents now have the chance to go head-to-head and hurl each other off the track. Timing is everything here! Try to pass the lane switch undamaged or try to ram the opponents intentionally! Everything goes here. The track has a length of 342 mm and is 114 mm wide. It can be combined with Carrera race tracks on a scale of 1:43.

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