CAR61664 GO!!! Plus Pit-Stop-Game

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  • Pit Stop Game – different mini-games for Carrera GO!!! Plus
  • GO!!! Plus
  • Sophisticated tasks in the Pit Lane
  • Package contents: 1x Pit-Stop-Game track

The pit lane has a lot of surprises in store for you
Cool accessories for even more fun! With the GO!!! Plus Pit Stop Game there are many skill tasks that you can master. During the race different pit stop tasks will start randomly. Now you should go quickly to the pits to complete the tasks. Can you throttle back at the right moments and allow the car to refuel quickly? Can you repair the engine damage quickly and change the tyres skilfully? Only when the damage has been repaired can you continue. If your track is also connected to the app, even more exciting tasks await you. With the Mini Games, a whole new racing feeling awaits you on your Carrera race track.

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