CAR20551 Inside shoulder Curve 1/60 (3), end piece (2)

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  • Inner elements with curbs for 60° corners on a scale of 1:24
  • Fine-tuning for your race track
  • Package contents: 3 pieces

A must for every corner: Inside curb
These inside curbs provide a realistic racing feeling on your Carrera race track and visually complement every corner with a cool feature. The three boundary elements and the two end sections in the package fit the 60° corners with a track scale of 1:24. Simply fit the inner parts of the corners to your designated corner and plug them into each other – and the track section is given a whole new look, reminiscent of a real race track with its authentic design. Even from a distance, the typical red and white markings draw the driver's attention to the start of the corner and reminds the driver to adjust the speed. For the Carrera race track, the inside curb and the end sections are great accessories.

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